Why Follow-Ups Are Important in Network Marketing

Following up with a prospect can be hard. You have to muster the courage to reach out again. You have to face the possibility of rejection. And you have to extend an offer without sounding too desperate.

With so many things that could go wrong, it’s easy to skip following up. But that’s a big mistake if you’re building a network marketing business. If you’re inviting people to join your network, it’s critical to follow up, and this article will explain why in more detail.

Afterwards, your perspective on following up will change. Because following up isn’t something to dread—it’s an exciting opportunity filled with potential.

Here’s why following up is important in network marketing.

A Follow-Up Builds Trust

If you can close a prospect in the first meeting, more power to you! But you will find that some prospects are hesitant. They need to talk with a family member first or say, “I need to think about it.” That’s because people tend to give you a business in proportion to how much they trust you.

A follow-up builds more of that trust between you and the prospect, which puts them at ease. It gives you another opportunity to answer their questions and explain how joining will change their lives.

A follow-up gives you more face time with the person, which deepens the relationship. The more they trust you, the more likely they will sign up. Following up will build more of that precious, needed trust. Without trust, network marketing is a lot harder.

A Follow-Up Teaches You about the Prospect

Do you have these thoughts throughout the day: “I wonder whatever happened to that one prospect? Do they actually want to join? Or are they just not interested?”

Instead of worrying and guessing, follow up with the prospect. A follow-up gives you intel on the situation. In turn, you can use that information to make decisions.

If you see the prospect is interested but hesitant, then you should start working that lead. But if you realize the person isn’t interested, let them go and move on to other leads. You can’t decide what to do until you follow up and learn more.

A follow-up ties up loose ends so you can focus on moving forward.

A Follow-Up Is a Promising Lead

Let’s say you wake up one day with two options:

  • Option 1: Follow up with the guy who said he was interested yesterday.
  • Option 2: Start approaching new people.

Which one is more promising? The follow-up, any day of the week.

Your time is precious and you need to focus on the people who are most likely to give you business. With a follow-up, the prospect already knows your name, your offer, and has voiced interest in joining.

That’s a much better lead than talking to new people. The potential to close a deal is a lot higher. You can grow your network marketing business quickly by working efficiently. That’s why you choose to follow up—it’s strategic and makes the most of your time.

A Follow-Up Prevents Sidetracking

People are busy. They have jobs, families, and other responsibilities. On top of that, all kinds of businesses are fighting for their attention. Sometimes people get sidetracked and forget about your offer.

When you think about it, the same thing happens to you. Have you ever forgotten about someone’s offer and never responded to their message? You don’t think about it again until they reach out to you.

A follow-up brings your prospect back to considering joining your network. It’s a way of putting the offer back into the spotlight so they’re thinking about it again.

If you want your prospect to be focused on your offer, you need their attention. Follow up with them, whether it’s a phone call or an in-person meeting, and remind them of your valuable offer.

Do You Follow Up with Your Prospects?

Anyone who shows interest in connecting with you deserves more attention. So make following up part of your network marketing strategy. If you don’t practice following up, you could miss out on key opportunities to expand your network.

But here’s the good news —if you start following up, and do it well, you will start seeing more growth. Your network will grow faster, your business relationships will deepen, and your revenue will increase.

And over time, following up will become second nature to you.

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