How to Build Your Network Marketing Business Through Social Media

Have you ever wondered how you can use social media to build a network marketing business? Today, a lot of people are successfully building their network marketing business online and managing to attract prospective leads to their business every day, and you too can.  Social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, google plus, and even YouTube play an essential role in the success of any social media marketing strategy. 

Social media has become the easiest way for any target audience to get information on a business. Therefore, it is important to ensure you present your business professionally and accurately to your target audience. It is also important to avoid coming off as salesy or spammy and instead ensure your business looks reliable and helpful. 

Read on to find out how you can use social media to build your network marketing business.

What is network marketing and network marketing business?

As the name implies, it is simply marketing or promoting a product or service through a network. The basis of network marketing online is to build a base of buyers and sellers of your products or services. The internet presents one of the best places to build a following of loyal buyers and sellers. 

There are over one billion internet users globally, which makes the internet the best place to build a network marketing business. There are many benefits associated with running an online internet marketing business. You get to create your schedule, work from home, and build a strong social media following. The maintenance cost of running an online network marketing business is low, and the internet presents an easier opportunity to expand your business internationally. 

Why you should use social media in network marketing 

Anyone not using social media as one of their leveraging tools in a network marketing business is missing out on a lot of free resources available online. Social media giants such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest control at least half of the online retail business traffic. This goes to show how much potential social media holds for any network marketing business. 

Most of the successful network marketers owe their success to social media. 

Social media expands your reach 

Social media is considered as the best online network marketing tool because there are no boundaries to how far a social media network marketing strategy can go. With social media, you are not limited to the small target audience in your home town or country. You have the potential of reaching out to billions of people from all walks of life through the internet. 

Social media makes it possible for small entrepreneurs to reach their target audiences from any part of the earth without spending a lot of money on marketing or travelling to create awareness of their product or service. 

With social media, the world becomes a small village where you can market your network marketing business. You have no limitation about who your business can reach or how many people you can recruit. 

Social media strengthens relationships 

Maintaining constant contact with your clients is one of the most important aspects of any network marketing business. You need to ensure that you build strong relationships to be able to grow your network marketing. While it is important to have face to face conversations with your clients, it may not be possible if you have a client base from different parts of the world. You can use social media to nurture these relationships consistently. 

Social media networks like Instagram and Facebook can be used to keep in touch with your audience through videos or messages. You can teach through videos on the best business practices. 

While you can also choose to interact via phone calls and emails, social media can take your communication further. Simple gestures such as commenting on posts, sending warm season greetings, or even birthday messages can go a long way in strengthening your network marketing connections. 

With social media, you have access to tools that make it possible for you to consistently remain in touch with your prospects and ensure they feel that you care about their success. 

Social media helps you build your brand 

One of the best features of using social media for network marketing is the ability to build your brand and take it to the next level. It creates an opportunity for more prospects to reach you and find you. 

Social media branding enables the prospects to learn of your vision and mission, what your network marketing business is about, and so much more. This makes it possible for your business to attract like-minded individuals, which helps to build your prospect list. 

How to build your network marketing business online 

When you learn how to build a network marketing business online successfully, you will be well on your way to acquiring more customers, followers, and brand ambassadors. 

You need to talk to people to build a network marketing business online 

Network marketing is all about talking to people and selling your idea. You cannot run a successful network marketing business online if you do not know how to talk to people. It is essential to build relationships with new clients to be able to advance to the next level of your business. 

Knowing how to talk to people is the secret to a successful network marketing business. You cannot hide behind your computer if you want to succeed in the industry. This is the very first skill you need to learn. Knowing how to talk to people is what determines how many visitors you retain as clients. 

You need a blog for online network marketing 

To run a successful network marketing campaign online, having a blog is not optional. A blog is an asset to any online network marketing business. It is where your potential clients can always find you and contact you. 

You can use your blog to reach clients and to generate thousands of leads. 

Create a social media presence using social media sites 

Billions of people spend time on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, these platforms are ideal if you want to reach your target audience online. You stand to make connections with millions of social media users by simply creating a page for your network marketing business.

Using Facebook in your network marketing business

Facebook is a social media platform with the largest following worldwide. With over two billons users, launching your network marketing business on Facebook is a significant lead generating and sales strategy. 

It is important to understand that the success of your network market business on Facebook is determined by how you start off. Your profile is the foundation of any Facebook campaign. The profile is your gateway to the world. It is similar to how you would dress to impress your clients if you were to market your business offline. 

If you do not have an attractive profile on Facebook, you cannot expect to get the best leads and sales in your network marketing business. 

The role the profile plays in recruiting on Facebook 

When you attract a prospect, the first thing they will do is go to your business profile. The prospective client wants to know whether you are reliable and professional. The state of your profile will determine whether the prospect takes the next step of contacting your business. Network marketing prospects mostly look for companies they can trust with their money. 

Your profile can make recruiting easy or very hard for you. Fortunately, for you, there are four parts of a profile you can work on to ensure it is attractive to your target audience. 

Your business profile picture

You need to make this about your business. Avoid using your profile picture on a business page as this may send out the wrong idea. A page will look more professional if the profile picture is the company logo or anything else that represents the company. You only have one chance to make a first impression; the right profile picture ensures you make the best first impressions. 

The profile picture should look inviting. According to research, dull and boring profile pictures can make you miss on twice the amount of traffic you would have gotten with a great profile picture. Therefore, always use the best profile picture for your business. 

Use your Facebook banner to generate leads

The Facebook banner is the cover picture. Ensure you use this space to attract leads for your network marketing business. A business without a banner looks unprofessional and neglected. Ensure your banner is clearly displayed. 

The banner should tell prospective clients what your network marketing business is all about and why it would be of benefit to them to connect with you. It should give them the confidence that they are on the right page. This increases their chances of remaining on your page and even becoming leads. 

Make use of your intro box 

The Facebook intro box is located on the left side of your profile. Most people do not even know that Facebook has an intro box. This is one of the reasons most network marketing businesses fail online. 

An intro box tells your visitors who you are and what you have to offer as a business. In online network marketing, you need to ensure you use up any space available for marketing. A catchy intro is also an excellent way of generating leads. 

The Facebook about section 

The about section on your Facebook page also plays an essential role in your network marketing business. It is critical to have an about you page that sells your business to your prospects. While it may seem irrelevant, most visitors to your Facebook page will read the ‘about you’ page to learn more about your business. Ensure what you write is convincing enough to generate the right leads. 

 These are the most crucial four parts of your Facebook profile. When done correctly, you improve your chances of running a successful network marketing business online by up to 4 times. 

Determining your Facebook target audience 

The target market for any social media campaign is essential. To be able to run a successful network marketing business online, you need first to determine who your target audience is. Your target market is simply who your product or service targets. It can be a stay at home mom, fellow entrepreneurs, families, corporate women or men, sales professional, salon owners, or any other category. 

What you post and how you post it is much determined by your target audience. They also determine the kind of content you include in your blog to ensure they click on the link back to your Facebook page. Understanding your target audience ensure you recruit the right candidates for your network marketing business and that your product or service reaches who it is intended for. 

When you target the right audience, your network marketing business will be a grand success. The reason most network marketers are stuck is that they do not know which audience they appeal to. This makes them uncertain about what to post. 

With the right audience, you need to ensure you post at least three times a day. The content should engage your target market to generate leads. Visitors want to see an active Facebook page. They want to see you interacting with your audience in the comments section. This relationship will prompt some of your page viewers to share your page and content on their personal pages. All this is possible only if you target the right audience. 

Using Facebook Messenger to generate leads

Facebook messenger is a communicating feature availed by Facebook to enable users to communicate privately. 

Facebook messenger marketing offers you an automated method of reaching and communicating with your network marketing prospects. It is possible to tailor your Facebook messenger interactions to meet different user needs. You can ensure that visitors can access information about your business, the network marketing business opportunity, or answers to questions through Facebook messenger. 

The messenger chatbot 

After the Facebook messenger introduces chatbots, they purposed to make it easier for companies to automate their customer service through messenger. However, you can do a lot more with the chatbots than just automate customer service. 

With the chatbots, you can:

  • Automate your messaging – most people come to your business page messenger to get more information. You can automate Facebook messages to present different options to the prospect. This way, they can select the most appropriate automated question. 
  • You can automate a welcome message as a way of creating a rapport with your prospect even before talking to them. 
  • Create message sequences same as the autoresponder sequences on email
  • Include ad tags to track your interactions with the different prospects 
  • Create action buttons that allow your prospects to contact you or visit your website. 
  • Create and load video messages 
  • Create a menu of calls of action for visitors who want to interact more with your business 
  • Create automated questions to determine whether a lead is the right target audience 
  • Add a subscribe button for your visitors 
  • Send files 

The online network marketing process using Facebook messenger 

Here is a likely scenario on how you can use Facebook messenger to generate leads for your online network marketing business. 

Tommy creates an ad on Facebook for his targeted audience. In this ad, he offers a lead magnet download. Every time a prospect clicks on the ad, they are redirected to the business messenger. Here, they will receive an automated welcome message that includes the lead magnet promised.

Now, this prospect is connected to Tommy and his business via messenger on Facebook. At this point, Tommy can choose to do a number of things. 

He can decide to chat with the prospect, follow up with them, check how he can help, or even send them more information. While it may seem easy, it is a very powerful mode of marketing, while most of it is automated. 

Whenever a client clicks on the lead magnet to be redirected to the page of your choice to collect their lead magnet, you instantly make yourself the authority on the topic the client was looking for. This is also an easy way of generating leads from the traffic on your fan page for free. 

Getting started with Facebook messenger marketing 

To be able to make the most of messenger chatbot marketing, you first need to get a chatbot tool. Most of these are free online. This tool allows you to connect your Facebook page with a chatbot and enables you to use the chatbot on your website too. 

These chatbots come with a range of features that enable you to make a chatbot helpful and functional enough to interact with your audience.   

Managing appointments using Facebook messenger for your network marketing business 

Facebook’s appointment feature makes it possible for your prospects to requests for appointments with your company through messenger. 

To set this up:

  1. On the bottom right of your page, click on the button and go to ‘edit.’
  2. On the next page, click on ‘book with you,’ followed by ‘book now’ then click on next 
  3. Click on the ‘appointments on Facebook’ button
  4. Create a service

How this works 

Once your ‘book now’ button is set up, it is essential to create a post that will promote the newly added feature. This will invite some of your Facebook followers to use the service. 

Every time a prospect clicks on the ‘book now’ button, it automates a messenger appointment request. The candidate is able to choose when they are free and create an appointment. Once this is done, you get a message with the appointment request. You will need to confirm the appointment.

From your Facebook page, there will be a tab for appointments that shows you all your scheduled meetings. You can sync your Google Calendar to have your appointments automatically saved on your google calendar. 

Using Instagram In Your Network Marketing Business 

Every day, millions of Instagram users engage using more than 4.2 billion posts. As one of the largest social media platforms, after Facebook and YouTube, Instagram is one of the best platforms you can use to create leads for network marketing. 

Why use Instagram?

Most network marketers do not understand why there is so much hype about Instagram for network marketing. This is because not everyone is on Instagram, as is the case with Facebook. However, this is precisely why you need to use Instagram. The fewer users make it possible for you to find your target audience quickly. It also gives you the perfect opportunity to build your brand organically. 

It is a visual platform 

Unlike any other social media platform, Instagram is a visual platform. The idea of using visuals to get your message across allows you to cut through the clutter and target the right audience for your business and get them to notice your brand. This gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your events, products, and even lifestyle using related hashtags. 

It builds trust

Network marketing is an area of business most people approach with care. With Instagram, you have a better chance of building trust with your target audience. Instagram is said to be the happiest social media site. The algorithms used on Instagram is geared towards fighting online bullying, which ensures there is less trolling than on other social media networks. 

It is attraction marketing 

This is a new strategy being used by network marketers. With this strategy, you need to approach your target audience in a way that makes them want to contact you. This way, your business is less likely to be categorized as spam. 

This is achieved by making your brand highly attractive to make people want to follow you. Posting stunning pictures will get your brand recognized by the right audience. Once they come to your page, you can engage with them to help them understand your brand and business better. 

How to grow your brand on Instagram 

To be able to make the most of Instagram for your network marketing business, it is essential to learn how to do it right. 

Your Instagram bio 

This is one of the most important parts of your Instagram profile. The bio tells all your visitors about your brand and gives context to your photos. 

It should tell your prospects something about you. It should make them want to follow you. It is possible to avoid using the word ‘network marketer’ but still prompt your prospects to want to go to your website or business page. 

The most important parts of a bio include:

The photo

 This is the first thing people see when they come to your Instagram page. You need to ensure that the picture is clear and make it less about your brand. Putting up a brand logo makes the page look salesy, which is a turn off for most people. A selfie is more likely to build a connection with the right audience. A selfie makes your business look personal and approachable. 

The username 

As a network marketer, your username should promote you as a person and not your business. The best choice is to go with your name. You can add a break and include the fact that you are a network marketer. However, this is not recommended as most people will shy away from interacting with you, as they think you will try and sell them a product or recruit them. For Instagram to work for your network marketing business, you need to work your username in a cleaver way. 

A website 

If you already have a website for your network marketing business, you need to include it in your bio. You can use tools that make it easier for you to redirect your visitors. These tools give the viewers options of different landing pages. This way, each visitor can have direct access to the Info they are looking for. These tools allow you to add more than one link to your bio.

It is highly advisable to include a link to your Facebook group or page, blog, and a contact page. This allows your audience to contact you further using their most preferred medium. 

Your Instagram posts 

As mentioned earlier, Instagram is a highly visual platform. Therefore, you need to be able to take perfect pictures to create a great impression. 

To achieve eye-catching pictures:

  • You need to invest in a good camera. High-quality phone cameras can work too
  • Create a perfect composition. The main rule of composition is to see a picture as a 2 by 2 grid. The main subject should be placed at the meeting point of the grid lines, preferably the top- left side. 
  • Give your pictures a retouch. Instagram has filters for a reason. You should use them to make your photos stunning.
  • Use filters or pre-sets to give your pictures a distinctive look. For instance, you can create a pre-set and save it in lightroom. When you decide to upload a new photo, apply this saved filter to create a consistent image of your brand. You can purchase premade filters if you do not want to create your own. 

Posting strategy for Instagram 

Before you begin using your Instagram page for network marketing, you need a strategy. Remember, your goal is to attract prospects to your network marketing business. You should consider the what, when, and why for every post. 

For your posts to be a success, you need to ensure that less than 20% of it is sales content. The rest of the info needs to be entertaining, helpful, and informative. 

When deciding on what to post, consider your target audience. You need to know what makes them laugh, what information they seek, and what they need help with. The idea is to create trust. You can do so by engaging with the target audience through your posts and answering their questions. 

Most network marketers have managed to become successful on Instagram because they plan ahead. As much as Instagram is a here and now platform, you can plan your content weeks in advance. Having a plan will save you time and helps to guide your brand in the right direction. 

Use hashtags 

Hashtags are the universal language on Instagram. If you want to understand how vital hashtags are, you can conduct a little experiment. Post one picture with about fifteen hashtags on your niche and one without. Check insights for both pictures the next day. The results will surprise you. 

With hashtags, your posts become visible to the Instagram community. Hashtags will get more eyes on your posts when you use trending hashtags. You also become part of a conversation. This creates relevance and increases the chances of getting followers. This is the main reason you are in Instagram for your network marketing business. 

You can use fifteen to thirty hashtags on your posts. Ensure you research the trending hashtags and the ones being used by your competition for their network marketing campaigns. This will give you an idea of what to use and ensure you remain relevant and visible to your target audience. 

Ensure your hashtags are brand relevant, content relevant, and industry-relevant. 

Using Instagram stories 

Instagram stories allow you to post pictures or short videos. You need to use Instagram stories for your network marketing business. It is especially important if you are trying to grow your following. 

Unlike the posts on your Instagram feed, Instagram stories are not subjected to any complex algorithm. Therefore, they show in chronological order based on how you post. Posting stories every day will ensure you are seen more often. 

Material to post on your Insta stores includes:

Polls – these are fantastic if you want to increase engagement on your page. Make the pools simple and relevant to your niche. For instance, if you work with supplements, you can ask your viewers what they would like to see more of. Ensure the questions is simple and straightforward. 

Share personal stories – this is a good way of creating trust and a relationship with your audience. Tell them of the new project you are working on or a new product you plan to launch. This is one of the best ways of building a lasting connection. 

Instagram highlights 

After 24 hours, Insta stories disappear from your feed. However, you can still access them and make them available to your audience under the highlights section. They are available as small icons below your bio. If there was an Insta story you want your followers to keep seeing, you could include it as a highlight.   

User-generated content on Instagram

When other Instagram users post about you, they make your brand more credible to Instagram users. According to statistics, more than 80% of Instagram users think UGC (user-generated content) is more reliable when compared to branded content. This is the best way to build trust in your prospects.   

Word of mouth marketing is free and is the best marketing strategy for online marketing. To make users promote your content for you:

  • Come up with hashtags unique to our brand. Use it on all your content, and have your followers use it too. You can give away products or services to followers who post your brand and use the hashtag. 
  • Ask your followers to share their experience and use the hashtag. 

Booking appointments with Instagram 

Since you are still trying to run a business, it is essential to have a few business buttons on your page. One of the most important call-to-action buttons you should have on your network marketing page is the ‘Book’ button for appointments. 

Every time your visitors click on this button, they are redirected to an external web page. Here, they can fill out a short form to complete their appointment booking. 

To be able to use the book appointment button, you need to link your Instagram page to your Facebook page. Every time a follower clicks on the ‘book’ tab, they can choose the time they want to schedule their appointment. They can also request for the service they want to be based on the relevant options you avail. 

You can view your appointments from Facebook under the appointments tab. You can also choose whether to send message follow-ups or appointment reminders to your prospects. 

How to turn network marketing prospects into partners 

After using social media to get prospects, the next thing you need to do is turn these prospects into recruits. 

Understand your prospects 

You can analyze lead data like the prospect’s browsing patterns, how they ask questions, and their geographical location to determine how best to approach them and make them recruits. You should also use the keywords they used to find your business. This will give you valuable information about your prospects and what they are looking for. 

Follow up with consistency 

After the first engagement online, it is essential to follow-up on your prospects.  It will take some time before a prospect turns into a recruit. The best way to ease this process is to familiarize your brand with your prospects. Engaging with them regularly will help in building their trust for your brand. This increases the chances of converting them once they are ready. 

Understand the needs of your prospect 

By understanding your prospects, you make them the center of your marketing effort, which makes it easier for you to convert them. 

A prospect wants to know how joining your team will be of help to them. You need to understand why they want to join your network marketing business. Therefore, you need to base your marketing strategy on their needs. 

You need to make the marketing pitches more about the client and less about your business. You need to allow the prospect to be comfortable talking about who they are and what they want. You should respect their time and show up for meetings on time. Align your brand marketing strategies with the priorities of the prospect to stand a good chance of converting them. 

Essential questions to ask your prospects 

What do you like best?

After your pitch, the best questions to ask your prospects is what they like about your business model. Asking what they like best invites positive thoughts from the prospects, and the answer they give gives you an insight into their level of interest in your business.

You will get to know whether it was the product that appealed to them, the time management idea, or the idea of making residual income. This way, you will understand what to focus on when handling the prospect in future meetings to increases their chances of signing up.  

How interested are they on a scale of 1 to 10?

It is important to ask a prospect of how interested they are in your business. You can scale it between one and ten, with one being least interested and ten being highly interested. 

By knowing how interested they are in your business, you will know how much more help you can offer to make their decision-making process easier. Do not be discouraged if a prospect chooses a two on their interest radar. It only means that you need to do a bit more work to convince them of the benefits of joining your business. It is possible to build up a prospect’s interest with consistent communication and showing them the benefits of joining your network marketing team. You can ask them what they would want you to do to get them more interested. This way, you will know which areas of your pitch you need to work on with the prospect. 

How much do you want to earn per month?

You need to ask your prospects how much they would want to earn per month to make joining your team worth their time. This is a better approach, as opposed to telling them how much they can expect to make. Most network marketing businesses fail because they overpromise on the amount one can make, but the situation is different once a prospect signs up. 

Asking the prospect how much they want to make also ensures that you tailor your training to ensure they meet their goals. The amount they can make is based on whether they work with your company on a full time or part-time basis. Always let the prospect decide how much they want to make. 

How long?

It is essential to determine how much time a prospect plans to work under your company. Also, ask them how long they want to be able to work to reach their income goal. This way, you will know how much time they are willing to invest each day in your company. The answers they give will tell you how much they are willing to do to get to their goal. 

The if I, would you? Approach

After gathering information about a prospect, you need to ask them whether they are willing to join your team if you could show them how to make their desired amount of money per month, working the hours they prefer over the period they want to work under your company.

Most prospects will respond positively to this approach because the solution is meant to meet their needs on their terms. 


Online network marketing is one of the best ways of growing your network marketing business. With the tips above, you are better placed to make use of the most popular social media sites to take your business to the next level. Once you get those prospects, you can use the guide to turn them into partners and watch your network marketing business grow.

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