Becoming a Network Marketing Professional in 7 Steps

Thinking about getting started in the field of network marketing? Wondering if you have what it takes?

Here’s something most people in the industry won’t tell you: network marketing isn’t a talent that you either have or don’t have.

Sure, being outgoing, persuasive, and able to read people can make you a “natural salesperson.” But, just like any other field, network marketing is something you can succeed at if you approach it strategically and learn the correct skills.

How to Be a Professional Network Marketer: Step by Step

Every multi-level marketing professional follows their own path, even within a single business model. However, that doesn’t mean you can approach the career with no plan.

Below, we’ll go through some steps you’ll need to complete on your way to becoming a network marketing professional. You might approach each step in your own way, but having the structure in place will keep you moving forward. 

Step 1: Choose a company you believe in and a product or service you love.

Successful network marketing requires authenticity and enthusiasm for the product or service you market. If you work for a company that you can really get behind, you’ll have that energy naturally.

If you work with a company that’s a good fit and you’re truly passionate about getting its products out there, you’ll be able to power through any lean times with positivity and drive. 

Step 2: Learn and practice.

As a multi-level marketing professional, you will start out by working closely with a mentor or sponsor. This person will have been where you are, often with the same company. Internalize the methods that they teach you, then practice using them.

The goal is to be able to perform the basic functions of your work as soon as possible, but you should still use your mentor as a resource if you aren’t sure what to do. Pay attention to how your mentor works with you because you’ll eventually be in their position.

Step 3: Set up your business systems.

Think of your network marketing efforts as a small business. You need all the same tools, including:

  • An experienced accountant
  • A business checking account 
  • Business cards and social media accounts
  • Any required permits and paperwork

When in doubt, talk to a lawyer to make sure you have everything you need to do business legally in your state. 

Step 4: Use your own products or services.

As a multi-level marketing professional, you will represent the company you work for. That means you will need to use its products or services, and not those of its competitors. If you don’t back your own product, how can you possibly convince others to do the same? 

If you choose the right company, you’ll want to use its products anyhow.

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